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Mission Details

Ed and Donna Edwards traveled to Ndola, Zambia in January, 2012.

The trip had a two-fold purpose. One was to teach and minister in Ndola and the other was to prepare for the Mission Zambia June 2012 mission trip. [To see the June mission details, click here]

Ed preaches at Glad Tidings City Church. They presented him with a jacket made from their colorful fabrics!


Donna teaches over 125 women at Restoration Bible Church.


We taught couples together on two consecutive days. Many of the couples were pastors/spouses who had attended our week-long conference last summer.


We taught one full day at Kaniki Bible College, outside of Ndola.


Ed with the head of the Kaniki Bible College, Dr. Kaluba Kapapula.

Donna taught single parents at Bethel City Church. The majority of those who attended were widows, many had no means of financial support for their family. A time of ministry to single parents is new in Zambia (and in the U.S.).


On our last Sunday, Ed preached again in the House of Prayer Church (the church was still decorated for the holidays). The church was established to reach the east Indian community. East Indians, Zambians, and Europeans attend the service, which is all spoken in English. Their service lasts about two hours. During the first hour, many of the children sit together in front, before going to their Sunday school classes.


We passed this state-of-the-art stadium on our way to a school in a slum area. China is investing in Africa. They recently built this football (soccer) stadium in Ndola.


We visited the Wisdom Community School, started by ALARM-ZAMBIA, now operated by Better World Ministry. The school is in a slum area. Most of the children are orphans or "twice orphaned" (both mother and father have died) and live with a grandparent or older sibling. The families cannot afford the uniforms, books, meals, and materials that have to be purchased to attend public schools. The school is for grades 1-4 and teaches 160 kids in two rooms without electricity or running water. Living Well is partnering with Better World to help Wisdom Community School continue to operate. [For more information on this project]



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