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Wisdom Community School


LIVING WELL, in collaboration with Better World Ministry, has designed a master plan to develop the campus of Wisdom Community School.

  WCS Master Plan          

Since Living Well began partnering with Better World Ministry in January, 2012, the Lord has provided several of the needs of the school through donations and MISSION ZAMBIA summer mission teams.

MISSION accomplished:
        • Electricity to all classrooms and exterior of buildings
        • Classroom Building #2 (three classrooms)
        • Landscaping
        • Security wall with guard house and gate
        • Student Toilet Building #2
        • Drilling a well with a hand pump to provide clean water, year-round for the school, money donated by Lakeview Baptist Church (Guthrie, OK)
        • Security bars on doors and windows
        • Monthly monetary support for six full-time teachers, one caretaker, three security guards, and part-time school manager
        • Painting the interior walls
        • Cement plastering the exterior of the building to prevent deterioration of the earthen bricks of Classroom Building 1
        • Painting the exterior walls after plastering
        • Teaching materials (text books, reading books, paper, pencils, teaching aids, etc.)
        • New doors and locks
        • Recreation equipment - soccer balls, etc.
        • Music equipment, hand instruments
        • New Testament for each child
        • Books and bookcases
        • Ceilings for classrooms
        • Student toilet building (small mud-block)
        • Flagpole including concrete base
        • Concrete drainage gutter for diverting rain water during rainy season
The most pressing needs of the school are:
  • Water tank and electric pump
  • More desks
  • A feeding program for the students
  • Construction of a kitchen building for cooking and storage
  • Playground
  • Vegetable garden
  • Ongoing monthly monetary support for current staff
  • More teachers and a full-time principal
  • More textbooks and supplies


Exterior of School: Before and After


Interior of School: Before and After


All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt from Living Well and 100% of the money donated will be used to meeting the needs of the school.

For more information or questions, email or call 405.792.2586.

To donate to the needs of Wisdom Community School:


Living Well, PO Box 720828, Oklahoma City, OK 73172  Tel: 405.792.2586
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