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Wisdom Community School    

DONATE to the support and development of WISDOM COMMUNITY SCHOOL

Operated: by Better World Ministry, headed by Brother Charles Mwila Mutambala, in partnership with Living Well.

Location: outside Ndola, Zambia, in the Mwenye Compound, next to the Twapia slum [map]

Campus: 2012 One building (includes 2 classrooms, 1 storage room converted to a classroom, storage room converted to living quarters for security/caretaker and his family; no ceilings, not painted or plastered); latrine with stick fence walls, no roof or doors; no running water (hand dug well), no electricity

NOW Classroom building #1 painted and plastered inside and outside, ceiling in classrooms; Classroom building #2 (includes 3 classrooms) competed June 2014 (except for ceilings),celings installed and painted June 2015, two latrine buildings for children (with solid walls, roof, & doors); mechanically drilled well with pump; flagpole; landscaping; electricity in all the classrooms and outside the buildings; security fence and guard house completed June 2015.

Staff:  2012 3 volunteer teachers and 1 security guard/caretaker

NOW 1 part-time school manager, 6 full-time teachers, 3 security guards, and 1 caretaker

Grades: 2012 grades 1-5

   NOW grades 1-7 ( 8 students in grade 8 are sponsored to attend another local school)

Students: 2012 140 children

     NOW 350 children

Demographics: All of the students live in a slum. Many of the children are orphans or "twice orphaned" (both mother and father have died) and live with a grandparent or older sibling. The families cannot afford the uniforms, books, meals, and materials that have to be purchased to attend public schools.

LIVING WELL is partnering with Better World to help Wisdom Community School continue to operate. Many more children in the neighborhood are not attending school, but Wisdom Community School is now full. The school was adding a grade each year to be able to teach the children as they move to the next level. They are not able to add grade 7 at this time, due to lack of space.

Master plan: LIVING WELL, in collaboration with Better World Ministry, has designed a 3-phase Master Plan to develop the campus of Wisdom Community School. [To see the plan]

Funding: All funding is supplied by donations through the administration of LIVING WELL. [donations]

Since Living Well began partnering with Better World Ministry in January, 2012, the Lord has provided several of the needs of the school through donations and MISSION ZAMBIA 2012, 2013,2014, and 2015 teams. [See more about the mission accomplished and remaining needs.]

LIVING WELL is continuing the partnership with Better World Ministry to keep Wisdom Community School open and to improve the facility, assure the necessary water and security, and enhance their resources. We believe the Lord wants to work through Living Well to fund the teachers, security guards, caretaker, and future principal.

We will be taking mission teams every year to improve the campus and also to conduct CAMP WISDOM with the children. If you are interested in being a part of our next mission, please contact us. Info on MISSION ZAMBIA 2016.

For more information or questions, email or call 405.792.2586.

All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt from Living Well and 100% of the money donated will be used to meeting the needs of the school.

To donate to the needs of Wisdom Community School:







For more pictures ....

Wisdom Community School before 

        Wisdom Community School - January 2012 

Wisdom Community School January 2014

     Wisdom Community School - January 2014

 Wisdom Community School before  Wisdom Community School after

Wisdom Community School - January 2012      Wisdom Community School - June 2014

Wisdom Community School June 2014

Wisdom Community School - June 2014

Wisdom Community School inside before

Wisdom Community School - January 2012      Wisdom Community School - January 2014


We gave each child a New Testament Bible in June 2012. After they received their Bibles, we took individual pictures of the children. The following is video/slideshow of the children.

LIVING WELL Zambia Mission Team 2012 shares their experiences.

The Children of Wisdom, June 2012, seen through the eyes of the LIVING WELL Zambia Mission Team

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