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Fountain of Life: Third Annual Dinner for Living Well

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On October 25, Living Well's annual dinner at Putnam City Baptist Church was centered around the theme, Fountain of Life . The purpose of the dinner was to share what has happened in the ministry during the last year with those who have prayed for and supported the ministry financially and with those who are hearing about the ministry for the first time. Ed Edwards, President of Living Well, personally prepared dinner (menu and recipes) for those attending. Ed Edwards shared a review of their 2nd year of Living Well. See highlights of those events on the other news & events page. Mike Jestes, Executive Director of Oklahoma Family Policy Council, shared perspectives of Living Well in strengthening families in Oklahoma. OFPC and Living Well office side-by-side and partner on numerous projects during the year. Excerpts from Mike's talk:

They have been a wonderful asset. I see Living Well ministry is growing by giving others the credit, making them successful. We share a vision with Ed and Donna about strengthening families in Oklahoma , one way we can do that is through strengthening the core through marriages. I share values with Ed and Donna . If I am going to partner with them every single day, I need to share their values. I found right away they share a commitment to Christ and a commitment to values…. I am really impressed with the work of Ed and Donna . They have character; they show me that. They have calling. I have seen the calling, I have given them tough marriages and they stay with it. They have compassion…. God is using Ed and Donna to build influence in the state…. They are both humble people, very humble people, giving God the glory, giving God the credit, waiting on God to develop the work.

Lt. Governor Mary Fallin provided words of encouragement for the ministry and shared about the importance of nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life in Oklahoma. The following are excerpts:

There is a need to bring together people of faith, people of organizations in our churches, to talk about what we can do in the state of Oklahoma . Donna and I met a few weeks ago with some other faith organizations to share information…. I appreciate what Living Well does for our state. I appreciate what your ministry does to help us build strong families…. When I look at what your ministry is trying to do, I am really appreciative of all the different seminars, marriage counseling, even bringing together pastors and leaders.

I wanted to come tonight…. I wanted to thank Donna and Ed for the work they do. Those of you who are involved in this ministry are making life better for so many fellow Oklahomans and I appreciate that!

Mike and Cyndi Curry shared how the ministry of Living Well made a difference in each of them personally and in their marriage. Mike and Cyndi were both widowed with three children each. They shared how they both had strong marriages of over 20 years when their spouses died. They realized their need of guidance for each of their personal well beings as well as sorting out the relationships of their children and extended families.

Donna Edwards, Executive Director of Living Well, shared her personal testimony of coming to know Christ as her Fountain of Life. She also shared testimonies from three women who had come to Living Well for guidance.

John Cromling , Senior Vice President of Unit Drilling Company, elder at Quail Springs Church of Christ, and board member of Living Well, closed the evening by sharing why he recommends Living Well as an organization to support. An excerpt of his closing comments:

I want to let you know why I think this ministry is of God and why I think this ministry serves this community and your families…. I think this is an honorable organization. We support them because – There is a definite need. There is a need to have sound Biblical teaching in regards to marriage and family. They are financially responsible people. They teach this in their classes and more importantly they live it…. I have never known a couple who are more aware that they are operating on other people's money. No one I know of in ministry is more aware that they are operating with God's money. They are so careful in their planning, in their budgeting, in their spending, what they are going to do…. There is not one penny that is donated to this ministry that is wasted. I can attest to that.

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