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Living Well goes to Tanzania

Christians have several concerns on world issues today - terrorism from the growing, radical Islamic sector, evangelizing the world for Christ, reaching out to the poor, protecting the Biblical family unit. We share those concerns and believe that God is calling us back to Africa to combat those concerns.

What can one small ministry do to make a difference? Have you ever heard of David Livingstone? He personally established missions all over Africa; his name is still revered there. What about M.A.D.D. ? One woman, Candy Lightner, started Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Both people had one attribute in common - a strong passion to influence a culture.

We know that radical Islam recruits young men who have free time and are looking for a cause. Research shows that most children who leave the church, after being raised in a Christian home, do so because they don’t see the message lived out at home. We also know that evangelism, in foreign cultures, is most effective by indigenous people, who have been powerfully changed by the Spirit of God. We prepare pastors and wives in east Africa in all of those areas.

“My life hasn’t been the same after the seminar you conducted in Masaiti. Your teachings were rich and presenters mature. I have attended a lot of seminars but yours was different.... Wishing you all the best as you serve the Lord to serve the Church in Africa.”

We recently received that message in a letter from a pastor who attended our conference last summer in Zambia. His obvious gratitude makes our call to train pastors in Africa easy to embrace with great enthusiasm! We believe that God is directing us to teach our Family Enrichment Training conference in Tanzania this year. This area is predominantly Muslim, low-income, and non-English speaking.

Since we have the freedom to stay longer now, we are planning to be there for a month. After the initial conference, we will follow-up with a one-day training workshop for pastors and leaders from their churches on Building a Comprehensive Marriage Ministry (very similar to what we do here). After the workshop, we will meet with pastors and their teams on an individual basis to help them work through a plan for building a marriage ministry.
We are excited that Kim and Alvin Bates (went with us to Burundi two years ago) will be going with us again, along with their two high school-aged daughters, Lucy and Millie. They will conduct a children’s conference concurrently with our marriage and family training.

Part of our commitment to the mission is to raise the all the funds for the conferences, food and lodging for participants, and Bibles to give to participants. The details on those costs are on the linked pages with more details. At this time, we have received sufficient donations for our travel expenses, all remaining donations go towards the needs of the conference, participants, and Bibles.

For more detailed on the mission, see our mission fact sheet.

You may donate by credit card through Paypal by clicking the button below. Also, you may send a note about your donation to info@livingwellokc.org.

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